Philips - Phono - Automatic Machine Mignon AG 2100 
Specials: Phono - Automatic Machine with self - starting
asynchronous motor with wheel and disc device for
playing of M 45 - Records with 17 cm . (7")
Only push-in the record through the cabinet slot, everything
else the Mignon will do for you without a failure.
After playing from the disk the record is removeable pulled
out from the slot. Break button for premature ending and 
automatic sapphire cleaning.
Power Supply 110, 127 and 220 V AC
Power Consumption 7 W
Style table record player
Speed 45 U/min.
Frequency Range 30....14.000 Hz
Pickup crystal element AG 3113 with 
   sapphire needle
   replacement sapphire AG 5006
Cabinet plastic, beige / redbrown, with
   box for power- and pickup cable
Size 200 x 95 x 225 mm (8" x 4" x 9")
Weight 2 kg (4,4 pounds)
Introduced 1957/58
Price when introduced DM 74,-- (EUR 35,--)


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